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To which ministry does the Czech Fiscal Council belong?
The Czech Fiscal Council is an independent expert body that is not part of any ministry. The Office of the Czech Fiscal Council performs the professional, organisational, administrative, personnel-related and technical tasks associated with the Czech Fiscal Council’s responsibilities.

What are the merits of the Czech Fiscal Council?
The Czech Fiscal Council’s greatest assets are its independence and expertise. Irrespective of the political situation, it can assess whether the state and other public institutions adhere to the rules of budgetary responsibility and draw attention to the steps that could destabilise public finances or result in excessive and irresponsible state debt.

Are there similar institutions abroad?
Yes. Fiscal or budgetary councils exist in all member states of the European Union, with the exception of Poland, primarily in accordance with Council Directive 2011/85/EU of 8 November 2011 on requirements for budgetary frameworks of the Member States and Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 473/2013 of 21 May 2013. Such institutions include Stabilitätsrat in Germany, Office for Budget Responsibility in the United Kingdom, Centraal Planbureau in the Netherlands, Finanspolitika rådet in Sweden, Fiskalrat in Austria, or the Slovak Rada pre rozpočtovú zodpovědnost. Moreover, EU’s independent fiscal institutions have established a voluntary network (EU Independent Fiscal Institutions Network), which serves as a platform for meetings of budget councils’ representatives and the exchange of information and expert opinions. Some countries outside the European Union also have fiscal or budget councils, such as the United States of America (Congressional Budget Office), Canada (Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer), Australia (Parliamentary Budget Office), and South Korea (National Assembly Budget Office).

Who decides on the staffing of the Czech Fiscal Council?
The Chamber of Deputies elects the members of the Czech Fiscal Council – the Chairperson at a proposal of the government, one member at a proposal of the Senate, and the other member at a proposal of the Czech National Bank.

Can the Czech Fiscal Council punish the state or public institutions for failure to comply with budgetary rules?
The Czech Fiscal Council does not have the power to impose sanctions. Its Chairperson, however, may attend government meetings in an advisory capacity and must be given a hearing if they ask to speak. The Council also writes up reports on the implementation of fiscal rules and on the long-term sustainability of public finances, which it submits to the Chamber of Deputies. Furthermore, the Czech Fiscal Council makes its reports and statements accessible to the general public on its website.

I would like more information about the activities and output of the Czech Fiscal Council: how should I proceed?
If you have not found the information you require on the Czech Fiscal Council website, feel free to use the contact form or send an e-mail to